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Lab Testing

Lab Testing Many people experiencing complex chronic illness have been told by conventional doctors that their laboratory tests are all within normal range. It’s Dr. Grieder’s mission to look deeper. Most standard, conventional tests don’t distinguish between “normal range” versus what might be optimal for your unique situation. Subtle imbalances can be ...

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IV Therapies

IV Infusion Therapies IV infusion therapies offer vital support for healing complex chronic illness. For many, regular infusions are a critical component of recovery. IV therapy delivers essential nutrients and other supportive substances directly to the bloodstream – bypassing the digestive system for maximum absorption. IV therapy can support cellular healing by ...

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Clinic Services Treating complex chronic conditions requires a holistic, multi-faceted approach; taking the whole person into account. Infections, toxic exposures, genetics, and nutrition may contribute to symptoms – just as important are emotional trauma and chronic stress. At Dr. Grieder’s clinic, treatment begins with deep listening. DR. MISCHA ...

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