Akie Regala, front desk manager - assistant to Mischa Grieder, ND
Medical Doctor

Paul Lynn, MD

Dr. Lynn is a pioneer in his profession. He has discovered with his 25 years of experience that diet, amino acids, immune enhancement, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-oxidants have a profound positive effect on degenerative disease and aging. He has spent years traveling throughout the world researching unique and successful methods. Leaders in natural therapy in the United States, such as Doctors Linus Pauling, John Christopher, and Bernard Jensen served as Dr. Lynn’s mentors.

Akie Regala, front desk manager - assistant to Mischa Grieder, ND
Front Desk Manager

Akie Regala

Akie Regala, is a medical assistant and the lead front desk staff at SFPMG. Since joining the team in 2015, she takes pride in going the extra mile to help patients with their needs. Akie is best known for her infectious smile and warm energy. On weekends, you often can find her taking family walks with her dog Hiroshi along the beach.

Sarah Niualiku-Hayashi, RN assistant to Mischa Grieder, ND
Registered Nurse

Sarah Niualiku-Hayashi, RN

Sarah Niualiku-Hayashi, RN, is an infusion nurse at SFPMG. She joined the team in 2017 after receiving her BSN from the University of San Francisco. Sarah’s commitment to integrative care is rooted in her belief in holistic medicine to heal and empower individuals to lead healthy lives. To keep herself centered, she enjoys cooking, hiking, spending time with family and friends – and playing with her new rescue puppy Mamba.

Jim Spily, RN - assistant to Mischa Grieder, ND
Registered Nurse

Jim Spily, RN

Jim Spily, RN, graduated with a Nursing degree from Western Nevada College in 2008. He loves working with the team at SFPMG, and meeting the folks who come through the clinic. Jim brings a fun sense of humor to his nursing practice, lifting the spirit while treating the body. In his free time Jim enjoys designing and building, especially on his 3D printer, and hanging out with his family, including his crazy dogs Ruby and Frankie.