Pharmaceuticals and Antimicrobials

Integrative medicine blends a variety of different healing modalities, including conventional approaches. Carefully chosen pharmaceuticals can treat the root cause of illness, assisting the process of healing. Many forms of complex chronic illness respond best to a combination of botanical medicines, micronutrients, and prescriptions.

Mischa Grieder, ND - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Grieder works with both regular and specialized pharmacies to prescribe a variety of medications and antimicrobials, based on your needs.

Pharmaceuticals & Antimicrobials
Pharmaceuticals & Antimicrobials

Healing Lyme Disease

For those healing Lyme disease, antibiotic therapies are often extremely helpful along the way to full recovery. Other prescriptions may also be added or continued, to optimize healing.

Targeted Therapies

Antibiotics for Lyme Disease

Antibiotics for Lyme Disease

In cases of Lyme disease,

targeted antibiotic therapies can reduce and sometimes eliminate symptoms, greatly improving quality of life. Treatment can range from a straightforward protocol to a more nuanced regimen depending on presentation of infection.

Dr. Grieder is well versed in the complexities of tick borne diseases. When chronic or late stage Lyme disease is present, as well as any other co-infection(s), he utilizes empirical studies, cutting edge protocols and acquired knowledge to individually tailor a treatment plan. He stays abreast of the latest research from the US and Europe, and is dedicated to providing the most effective therapies possible.

Supportive Prescriptions

Dr. Grieder will do a thorough review of your current medications. Depending upon lab results and treatment plans, he may continue to prescribe or change your pharmaceutical medicines in an effort to maximize healing.