Natural Pharmacy

Natural, plant-based supplements offer remedies for complex chronic illness that can be gentler and more subtle than pharmaceutical drugs, while much of the time equally effective. The resistance to synthetic drugs often developed by bacteria, viruses and fungi is also less common with botanical treatments.

Dr. Grieder is well versed in botanical medicine, and lectured on herbal protocols for Lyme disease at the recent ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) conference. Dr. Grieder’s clinic contains a dispensary stocked with a comprehensive array of supplements to support your health, including nutritional supplements, hand-made, high-potency herbal medicines, and European botanical medicines. Dr. Grieder will customize a supplement protocol for you that best supports your healing at each stage. Below is a description of what’s available through his natural pharmacy.

Natural Pharmacy

Herbal Supplements & Compounding

Specialized herbal medicines can support healing complex chronic illness on multiple levels. Dr. Grieder will customize a botanical protocol for you drawing from diverse herbal traditions, and integrating liposomal herbs when useful, to increase absorption and penetrate deeper into tissues. All botanical supplements are organically grown, certified for purity, and sustainably harvested.

Lyme Disease Recovery

Herbal Protocols for Lyme Disease

Herbal Protocols for Lyme Disease

Dr. Grieder often draws from professionally formulated herbal protocols for his patients recovering from Lyme disease. As each Lyme disease patient is unique, with specific co-infections and complications, each will respond best to personalized herbal medicines.

Below is a description of several herbal Lyme disease protocols available in Dr. Grieder’s clinic. All of the herbs are available through the clinic dispensary, and Dr. Grieder will compound a protocol for you personally.

  • Buhner Herbs: Stephen Harrod Buhner is an American herbalist and author with numerous published books covering herbal protocols to support healing Lyme disease and co-infections.
  • Cowden (Nutramedix): Dr. Lee Cowden is a board-certified cardiologist who has developed an herbal protocol for Lyme disease.
  • Susan McCamish (Bioresource): Susan McCamish is a Naturopathic doctor, herbalist and nutritional consultant who has developed her own herbal Lyme disease protocol.
  • Dr. Zhang: Dr. Qingcai Zhang is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His Lyme disease protocol includes Chinese herbs traditionally used against illness caused by spirochete bacteria.
  • Byron White: Byron White is a natural healthcare practitioner specializing in clinical herbology. He has created several high-potency herbal tinctures for use against Lyme disease and co-infections.

European Imports and German Biological Medicine

 Leading-edge European botanical medicines

Europe, especially German speaking countries, is currently producing many leading-edge botanical medicines. German biological medicine and other European advances offer effective, non-invasive ways to speed and support your healing process.

German biological medicine in particular offers gentle and natural ways to enhance detoxification and regulation of the immune system. Detoxification can be a critical component of healing complex chronic illness, as often the body’s natural detoxification pathways have become overwhelmed. Immune dysregulation is also common as a result of infection, toxicity, and other causes.

Dr. Grieder will integrate European botanical medicine into your protocol as it best supports your healing process. He especially enjoys working with Pekana, a family-owned German company specializing in spagyrically processed herbs.



Many people healing complex chronic illness need nutritional support to regain optimal health. After determining your nutritional profile, Dr. Grieder will create an individualized protocol for you that supports cellular healing. Most vitamin and mineral supplements are available in the clinic’s dispensary.