Lab Testing

Many people experiencing complex chronic illness have been told by conventional doctors that their laboratory tests are all within normal range. It’s Dr. Grieder’s mission to look deeper.

Most standard, conventional tests don’t distinguish between “normal range” versus what might be optimal for your unique situation. Subtle imbalances can be significant. Conventional testing also often misses infections such as Lyme disease, mold toxicity, or exposure to environmental toxins.

Mischa Grieder, ND - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Grieder investigates all relevant biomarkers contributing to your symptom profile, and helps you prioritize the appropriate tests throughout your healing process. He employs comprehensive blood analysis as well as specialized, functional laboratory testing. Most blood work can be drawn in the clinic’s comfortable lounge, and most take-home testing kits are also available in-house. When necessary, Dr. Grieder refers to a network of outside specialists.

lab testing
Laboratory Testing

Screening to best understand your health:

Laboratory Testing

Conventional Testing

Dr. Grieder contracts with testing facilities such as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp for comprehensive, conventional screening. Available testing includes bloodwork, stool analysis, urinalysis, and more.

Functional, Specialty Labs

To fully understand the root causes of imbalance, Dr. Grieder works with specialty labs in the United States and Europe, such as Genova Diagnostics. These labs provide advanced clinical and functional medical screening unavailable through conventional labs, particularly with regards to Lyme disease, tick-borne co-infections, immune dysregulation, and mold exposures. Dr. Grieder stays abreast of all advances in laboratory technology relevant to complex chronic illness, particularly within European medicine.


Dr. Grieder works with a network of medical specialists equipped to order further specialized testing, should that need arise. Imaging such as CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, x-rays, endoscopy, colonoscopy, swallowing studies, and complex neurological evaluations are easily accessible through this network. Dr. Grieder also refers patients for NeuroQuant assessment – brain imaging to determine root causes of cognitive impairment – especially useful in cases of mold toxicity.