About Dr. Mischa Grieder, ND

Dr. Mischa Grieder is an experienced integrative doctor who offers patients highly competent, individualized treatment. Dr. Grieder provides specialized expertise and leading-edge care in tick-borne illness and chronic complex conditions. As the Owner of San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, Dr. Grieder seeks to deeply understand the patients that enter his practice, and to develop treatment plans that address both physical and emotional needs, leading to a full restoration of health.

Dr. Grieder received his medical training from Bastyr University, one of the world’s top academic institutions for education, research and clinical service in the natural health sciences. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in general and premedical sciences with an emphasis in biochemistry. He is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the California Naturopathic Doctor Association. In addition to his practice of medicine, he served as an adjunct professor of biomedical sciences at The American College for Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. Today, his lectures and research concentrate on the role of functional medicine in the treatment of tick-borne illness and associated complex chronic diseases. He lectures at continuing education facilities, as well as the Annual ILADS Scientific Conference.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the California Naturopathic Doctor Association
Specialized Expertise

Leading-Edge Care in Tick-Borne Illness
& Chronic Complex Conditions (CCD)

Tick-Borne Illness & Chronic Complex Conditions

Following the diagnosis of his first patient with Lyme disease in 2009, Dr. Grieder worked closely with Steven J. Harris, M.D. for 5 years at one of the premier specialty clinics for vector-borne conditions in California. During this time of intense clinical practice and research, Dr. Grieder developed a deep understanding of the clinical complexities of a chronic condition and how multiple pathologies and pathogens may interact with each other. Dr. Grieder is an active member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), and was recently featured on patienttalk.com to discuss the testing and treatment of late stage Lyme disease.


Individualized Care

San Francisco Medical Clinic

Now head of his own practice in San Francisco, Dr. Grieder enjoys working closely with each patient, helping them integrate often complex and confusing sets of symptoms into understandable and meaningful patterns.

He draws from a variety of modalities including prescription medications, botanical medicine, oral and intravenous micronutrient therapy, German Biological Medicine, Low Dose Antigen Immunotherapy (LDA), Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Oxidative Therapies, and lifestyle counseling. Dr. Grieder collaborates with the patient to create an actionable treatment plan by setting goals to alleviate pressing symptoms, address underlying dysfunctions, and restore the body’s inherent self-regulating balance. With safe and effective treatments, Dr. Grieder addresses chronic infections, mold toxicities, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, and other immune-related conditions in both children and adults. He regularly collaborates with other physicians and practitioners who are highly regarded in their respective fields to ensure his patients receive the best possible care.

Zurich, Switzerland

European Influence

Mischa Grieder's organic family farm in Switzerland

Born and raised in a large and lively family on an organic farm near Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Grieder was early on exposed to natural medicine and a holistic lifestyle. He speaks fluent German and French and his regular travels to Switzerland allow him to investigate and draw from a wealth of European research and cutting-edge expertise in health care.